LAB 6 – Motion Capture in Mixed Reality

Lab7 December 11, 2023

November, 2023 

 LAB7 had the great pleasure to welcome PHI Studio for two weeks of prototyping with mixed reality and motion capture.  

As part of an immersive theater project by director Craig Quintero, founder of the Riverbed Theater company in Taipei, and by Phoebe Greenberg, founder and chief creative officer of the PHI ecosystem (PHI Centre, PHI Foundation, PHI Studio), PHI Studio called on LAB7’s expertise to host them for a prototyping workshop. As pioneers in the burgeoning field of art that integrates new media technology, PHI Studio has developed a reputation as an incubator for talent at the vanguard and as a catalyst for the conception and implementation of immersive multidisciplinary projects. 

Using state-of-the-art mixed reality headsets, the team explored how passthrough now allows to blend real and virtual environments. They tested the integration of augmented reality assets in real space, portals from one to the other, and many other creative explorations.  

The proprietary Synapse solution, developed by PHI Studio, was used to integrate all these elements with the help of the Antilatency technology: superimposing physical and virtual spaces, integrating set elements and props, tracking various participants and actors’ position in the experience. 

 We also played with different ways to interact with the environment, with props, between participants and with an actor present onset. LAB7 used its equipment and expertise in motion capture to offer solutions adapted to the needs of the experiment, as well as advice for the large-scale operation phase planned for the project. 

This prototyping phase led to major discoveries, both technical and artistic. The LAB7 and PHI Studio teams enjoyed a very fruitful collaboration. Testing the capabilities of the various systems and experiencing firsthand their limits as well as the possibilities they open up, gives the creative team important insights and inspiration that will help him bring their creative concept to life.

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