A circus act in your pocket

Lab7 The 7 Fingers The Studios July 10, 2023

Isabelle Domens, April 2023 

 What if you carry a circus performance, in 3D, in your phone and watch it anywhere? It is possible with augmented reality, a technology that superimposes virtual content on the real world, using a simple phone.  

 LAB7 built a prototype based on mocap data recorded from two acrobats, in an act that was choreographed especially to be seen in augmented reality. These recordings of circus movements and apparatus were then integrated into Unity to create a 3D scene, itself packaged so that it could be viewed in augmented reality on any surface.  

 A prototype is not a final application, and visual rendering is very simple at this stage. But now we can watch our miniature artists wherever we like! 


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