Culture, technology and prototyping: a HABO study for LAB7

Uncategorized December 18, 2023

Summer 2023 

LAB7 commissioned HABO to gain a better understanding of what professionals working with performing arts and technology need in terms of services and ecosystem support. LAB7 wanted to know how they work, what their main impediments are, and make sure to offer the services and projects they really need. 

HABO’s team of consultants conducted individual interviews with professionals from the performing arts, multimedia studios and experiential marketing agencies. This consultation focused on their use of technology, their research and development practices, their technological needs, as well as their reaction to LAB7 services.  

The excerpt we’re sharing demonstrates the general interest in the use of technology, as well as the need for research and development stages to explore and create the right solutions for all projects. The study highlights the importance of public funding programs to enable the development of these new tools and practices, particularly in the performing arts sector. It also demonstrates the critical need to train professionals capable of working at the intersection of the two sectors, both for the next generation and to enhance the skills of creators, designers and technicians already in the field. 

Thanks to this study, which provides valuable information on the sector, LAB7 was able to better answer the needs identified through the services they offer. HABO provided excellent advice to better communicate on LAB7’s mission and activities. They also provided tools for strategic and financial planning. 

This type of project is essential if we are to better understand the emerging sector in which we operate: the use of technology in the performing arts shows great potential on many levels, and is attracting interest from creators, producers, and presenters alike. It is a powerful lever for showcasing Quebec at its best in terms of creativity and innovation. 


– Read the excerpt from the study (in French)


Habo is a consulting firm specialized in the entertainment industry, offering strategic planning and market intelligence services. They deliver customized solutions derived from market data and insights, meticulously tailored to meet the specific objectives of each business. 

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