Polytechnique students prototype a new creation tool for LAB7

Lab7 The 7 Fingers The Studios July 10, 2023

Isabelle Domens, Spring 2023 

 As part of their spring 2023 session, a group of five graduating software engineering students and one graduating computer engineering student at Polytechnique Montreal took on a prototyping project for LAB7. We commissioned them to sketch out what could be a show creation process based on of 3D visualization and editing tools available on the market. 

 This project is part of a topic we’ve been interested in for some time now: Can the performing arts benefit from existing 3D tools to improve their specific creative and collaborative processes? 

 This question stems from transformations the film industry underwent 10-20 years ago: the entire production chain has been completely reorganized around digital tools. The systems they use were not relevant to the performing arts, until now. With the recent developments in 3D and motion capture, we can begin to imagine pipelines adapted to our industry. 

 Based on these premises, we explored with this group of students how a 3D application, used on screen or in a VR headset, could provide designers with easy-to-use tools specific to their needs. We imagined a process where artistic directors could visualize a space similar to the theatre and and manipulate scenographic elements in it. More interesting, they could integrate movements and choreographies recorded in MoCap, place them in space and time, combine them…  

 This type of tool is also designed to make collaboration easy. Not only could you share this 3D environment with collaborators, but also add notes, comments and so on. Working with remote collaborators would then happen in a visual environment much more realistic and user-friendly for human performance. And why not get together in this 3D environment to adjust the design in real time?  

To be continued…  


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