Passagers September 29, 2020

Creating this act 2 years ago, on the themes of saying goodbye, of closing chapters and beginning new ones, of retaining the memory of those who touched us on our flesh, allowing it to propel us forward… we never could have known the relevance it would hold today.

We are heartbroken to announce that our tour of Passagers must be postponed due to the rising numbers and restrictions related to Covid 19. Like so many in the world today facing similar challenges, we have no concrete idea yet as to when we will be able to bring this beloved show back into theatres.

This act is entitled Departure which feels both contradictory — we are, in fact, grounded, and unable to depart in the literal sense– and fitting — this is undeniably a departure for us all, from our carefully laid out plans and paths, from our dreams and raison d’être.

We maintain hope and determination for our return, for our little train to get back on its track again! A return to health, for us all, in so many senses of the word! Until then, we retain the memory of those who touched us, those moments that touched us, on and off stage, and use it to continue to propel us forward.

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