“Boxed In”

Passagers The 7 Fingers September 29, 2020

What is it to perform when there is no audience? Is it still performing if there is no “stage”? No fellow cast members to interact with. No lights. No costumes. No stage hands. No applause. Can we call it performance if there is no one to witness it?   

At the moment our audience has shifted. It’s no longer “live”.  There is no room filled with the murmur and chatter leading up to a dimming of the room indicating the “performance” is about to begin.  How much do we rely on our audience? On the exchange. The connection. The relationship built on the vulnerability of sharing a part of ourselves.   

In the show PASSAGERS, this act is about trying to do something private in a public space. Interesting to see it juxtaposed here, Sereno at home in Guanajuato Mexico, trying to do something public in a private space. Without a cast, or an audience, please enjoy “Boxed in” with the whispers of what once was.

Direction : Shana Carroll
Music : Colin Gagné
On stage : Sereno Aguilar Izzo

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