Fondation Les 7 doigts de la main February 14, 2018

Traditional fundraising campaigns typically revolve around a campaign team of a dozen business professionals. Each person commits to soliciting funds from his or her network in order to reach the campaign’s financial goal.

The 7 Fingers favour a different approach. They are looking to join forces with business leaders who will become friends, to help support the collective in its long-term development and to share the joys of sustainable growth.

The project consists of recruiting 7 ambassadors. Each ambassador will be paired with one of The 7 Fingers, fostering close links between each pair. Meetings with the creators and artists, attendance at rehearsals, tickets to shows around the world, as well as frequent opportunities to meet and share conversations, have a good meal and enjoy a good time together: everything is laid out for these ambassadors to embark on an enriching adventure. If, at the same time, they succeed in enriching the fundraising campaign, so much the better!

The campaign aims to raise $5 million over the next five years, with $1.5 million already pledged. The 7 ambassadors will have the mandate to accompany the campaign’s honorary patron, Guy Laliberté, along with the the members of The 7 Fingers Foundation in reaching this goal — which amounts to about $500,000 for each ambassador over a period of five years. But what is most important, beyond the financial data, is to create a group of friends and partners who share the same passion: that of ensuring The 7 Fingers’ long future at the heart of creativity.

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