Artist for Peace 2014 !

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Some days are full of strong emotions. February 16th was such a day. We were nominated for Artiste pour la Paix 2014 (Artist for Peace 2014). It is an immense honour for us to share this recognition with you, our audiences who come to see us around the world. Thank you! We will keep striving to promote peace and solidarity throughout every creation.

An except translated from the newspaper Le Devoir

The circus collective Les 7 doigts de la main was named Artiste pour la paix (APLP) 2014, in recognition of the company’s four new creations, all of which demonstrate “its commitment to peace and solidarity.” The group Artistes pour la paix (Artists for Peace) noted the creation of the interactive show A muse, which celebrates the imagination of children and attempts to revive this childlike quality in adults. The show has been presented in Colombia and in Mexico. Other shows mentioned include Intersection, a show that is based on the idea of intimate exchange with the audience. The show Cuisine et confessions revives the sharing of ancestral traditions through different recipes. Finally, Traces stages displaced artists in a makeshift shelter in which art is the only response to destruction.

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