LAB7 sparks international curiosity and interest!

Lab7 The 7 Fingers The Studios July 10, 2023

Isabelle Domens, May 2023 

We gave a tour of our creation center to two groups of professionals and investors and presented some of the projects underway at Les 7 Doigts, including LAB7. We shared ideas and examples of how technology can transform stage performance and experience. 

The first visit was organized by the Future of Storytelling Explorers Club , which brings together creators, entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the world, giving them access to the places and companies that are building the future of creation. Our second group of guests were investors from Asia, invited by Investissement Québec. 

After getting a sneak peak of one of our shows in the making and taking part in an immersive workshop created by one of our co-founders and artistic director Gypsy Snider, our guests discovered the technological universe of LAB7. They were brought to their feet by the performance of two acrobatic dancers whose movements were enhanced by 3D visuals and textures. They also learned more about the possibilities these technologies open up for the performing arts and movement. 


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