Artificial Intelligence Research Project with CRITAC

Lab7 The 7 Fingers June 3, 2022

June 2022

As part of its partnership with the Center for Circus Arts Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer (CRITAC) of the National Circus School (ENC), Lab 7 is participating in a research project aimed at reducing the number of markers needed to capture circus movements, thanks to artificial intelligence

The project is being conducted by Chris Gatti, an artificial intelligence researcher and acrobat. The researcher uses motion capture data recorded during Lab 7 activities. 

Traditional motion capture systems use up to 52 markers, placed on specific spots on the human body, from which the software builds the person’s skeleton in 3D. The researcher will feed his algorithm with the recorded movements and the system will learn to better recognize movements, thus reducing the number of points (markers) required.  

Having fewer markers on the performers’ bodies will make it easier to capture movements in live performance conditions, including fewer constraints on costumes and circus equipment, while improving the comfort of acrobats. 


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