Fibonacci January 24, 2018

This unique “creation game” allows to bring together some of the best artists in the world in a collaboration process based on the encounter between different art forms (circus, theater, dance, music, video and visual art) and above all, on intercultural dialogue. This process represents in itself the core and spirit of the show. Some elements are permanent to the show while others are created in collaboration with local artists in each of the hosting countries. In this way, from one residency to the next, one country to another, the show is never the same and always it is the result of the encounter between the touring artists and their local hosts. Throughout the show, as the participating artists bring forward their talents, personality and personal stories, we follow a progression through eight great themes laid as a metaphor for the evolution of our consciousness. These themes represent an invitation to question our individual and collective journey and to contemplate, beyond cultural diversity, the common denominators of humanity.

{ 0 } Unconsciousness, Emptiness
{ 1 } Individuality, Self-awareness
{ 2 } Duality, the Other
{ 3 } Family, Society, Organization
{ 5 } The World, Cultural Diversity
{ 8 } The Universe
{ 13 } Time, Death
{ 21 } Maturity, Wisdom

The show is always addressed towards the local audience and takes into account the socio-cultural context of the place where it is being presented. A direct relation with the audience is established using various forms of interaction. More than a show, the Fibonacci Project aims to create an event that is a complete and surprising experience for the audience, from beginning to end, by changing the usual relation they have with the performing space, the performers and the performance.

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