7 years of existence – July 2009

The 7 Fingers July 1, 2009

The 7 Fingers are happy to celebrate their 7 years of existence at the Old Port of Montreal.

Inaugurating the Circus Arts Promenade is a privilege accorded to us by the Old Port Society. Our growing collective is pleased to perform at home all summer long.

For this wonderful project we recruited 8 artists from the presitigious National Circus School. They are : Alexandre Royer, Tristan Nielson, Maxime Laurin, Eric Bates,Ugo Neveu, Camille Legris, Éric Bates, Mick Holsbeke and, Francisco Cruz who was in the original cast of TRACES. Fo this, we created 8 vignettes with the artists, each wandering into unchartered territory.

You can see the 7 Fingers all thru the summer on Montreal’s Quays of the Old Port from Wednesday to Sunday. And starting July 31st , every weekend at la Scena, also in the Old Port, to celebrate our 7th anniversary.

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