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Lab7 July 9, 2024

September, 2023 

September 13, 2023, saw the first meeting of LAB7’s brand-new Advisory Board, bringing together renowned professionals from the performing arts, multimedia creation, research, education and financing. They shared their knowledge and experience with LAB7, helped us identify trends and challenges, and made sure our strategic vision remains relevant and effective. 

During this conversation, the LAB7 team presented their mission and projects, sparking constructive and passionate dialogue. They made sure they were really aligned with what the professionals need. The group discussed the challenges they face as an emerging sector: skills shortage and training needs, funding programs that are slow to adapt, the artists’ needs for time and space to explore and create. They also talked about the strong economic and creative potential of new hybrid shows, as well as the importance of collaboration, and Quebec’s unique blend of high-quality performing arts, entertainment, and technological innovation. 

This highly promising first meeting proved that LAB7 works with the right people. These key advisors will provide valuable strategic guidance, so our actions can best benefit the performing arts and creative technologies community. 

 The event was hosted by LAB7 manager Isabelle Domens and members of the executive committee: 

  • Samuel Tétreault, Co-founder & Artistic Director (The 7 Fingers),  
  • Alexandre Teodoresco, Vice-President – Strategic Development and Innovation (The 7 Fingers),  
  • Olivier Goulet, Founder, CEO and Producer (Supply & Demand),  
  • Patrice Aubertin, Director, SSHRC Industrial Research Chair in Circus Arts (CRITAC). 

Board Members, 2023-2024 :  

  • Myriam Achard (Chief, New Media Partnerships and Public Relations, PHI),  
  • Anne le Bouyonnec (Skills and Careers Project Director, SYNTHÈSE),  
  • Mireille Camier Stage Director, Artistic Advisor and Actress, Productions Quitte ou Double),  
  • Sevan Dalkian (Senior Technical Product Manager, Virtual Production, Epic Games),  
  • Florence Girot (Senior Manager Foresight and Innovation, CMF) 
  • Nicolas S. Roy (President & Executive Creative Director, Dpt.).  


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