Interview with Shana Carroll

    Passagers December 4, 2018

    Director Shana Carroll spoke with us about train travel, the contradictions of the world, and the creative process. Where did you get the idea to work with the world of trains? The creative process involves a lot of mechanisms. I’ve always been attracted to trains because they are a reminder of past times and lands, but also a step towards the future, since they lead us to countries we have not yet visited. I’ve always been interested in the symbol…

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  • FIBo - Copenhague 2011

    CASTING CALL – Projet Fibonacci Australia

    Projet Fibonacci

    The 7 Fingers opens a casting call to find Canadian circus artists to be a part of the FIBONACCI PROJECT 2019 Australia Edition, a multidisciplinary creation project in collaboration with the Australian circus company CIRCUS OZ, with the artistic directors Samuel Tétreault (7 Fingers), Rob Tannion (Circus Oz) and Emma Serjeant…

    November 30, 2018
  • Australian Edition

    Projet Fibonacci

    or the next residency, in October 2019, he will be working in Australia along with co-directors Rob Tannion from Circus Oz, Margaret Harvey and Emma Serjeant, as well as cultural advisor N’arweet Carolyn Briggs.  …

    November 28, 2018
  • En nomination pour les DORA AWARDS


    Très belle distinction pour TRIPTYQUE qui est en nomination pour le Dora Awards, dans la division Danse. Les Dora Awards soulignent  les réalisations exceptionnelles du monde du théâtre torontois. Leur nom rend hommage à Dora…

    June 1, 2018
  • casting cor

    Professional male comedians and singers

    Job Opportunities

        The 7 Fingers are looking for “professional  male comedian/actors with strong vocal singing skills.” to participate in several research and development Workshops.  Workshop • July 9 – 21, 2018 • Nov. 26 – Dec.…

    May 11, 2018
  • MCC_sisters_infolettre650x450

    New Creation – SisterS


    PRESS RELEASE  The new Les 7 Doigts creation, SisterS at Théâtre Outremont, July 8 to 14 Presented by Radio-Canada Montréal, March 26, 2018 ◌ Les 7 DOIGTS DE LA MAIN are working hard at…

    March 26, 2018
  • La Fondation Les 7 doigts de la main, Mardi 6 février 2018 Lancement de la campagne de financement 2018-2022.
En présence du parrain d'honneur Monsieur Guy Laliberté.


    Fondation Les 7 doigts de la main

    Présent en tant que Parrain d’honneur lors du lancement de la campagne de financement le 6 février dernier, M. Guy Laliberté nous a offert un superbe témoignage. “Mon engagement aujourd’hui comme parrain, est d’inviter les gens…

    March 16, 2018