The music of REVERSIBLE is now available online 

Musical Direction : Colin Gagné, in collaboration with Sébastien Soldevila
Show directed by Gypsy Snider, assisted by Isabelle Chassé.

Music Direction Sébastien Soldevila & Colin Gagné
Original Lyrics & Music, Sound Design, Music Arrangements Colin Gagné, in collaboration with Raphaël CruzInes Talbi, and Dominiq Hamel
Singers & Musicians Luzio AltobelliJocelyn BigrasColin GagnéGuido Del FabbroAlexandre DésiletsCédric Dind-LavoieDominiq HamelFrannie HolderInes TalbiJulie-Blanche Vandenbroucque, Leif VollebekkSpikeWilner, Maxime Fortin.


RÉVERSIBLE – Meeting with students from Option Arts du cirque / Lycée Pierre Bayen (France)

A little break for Gypsy and her cast from the creation of Reversible . To open our doors to welcome 45 students from the school Option Circus Pierre bayeux  in France, as well as their teachers.
Taking the time to share, exchange with the students is really important to us. To understand their needs and share our knowledge and experiences as artists and creators.
Thank you for the time we spent together. Hopefully, our paths will cross again France, on stage or among the audience, who knows…

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We’ve been showing work at the CINARS Biennale in Montreal since 2002. This year, Réversible follows in the footsteps ofhttp://7doigts.com/spectacles/creations/la-vieLa Vie (2008)Psy (2010)Séquence 8 (2012), and Cuisine & Confessions (2014), as the new production takes its turn playing in this prestigious event.

The performances will take place at the TOHU (2345 Jarry Street East) at 8:30 p.m. on :
– Wednesday, November 16. 8:30 p.m
– Thursday, November 17. 8:30 p.m
– Friday, November 18. (with shuttle bus service from downtown),8:30 p.m
– Saturday, November 19. 8:00 p.m
-Sunday, November 20. 2:00 p.m.

Those interesting in attending these performances must reserve directly through CINARS. For information about the show and for all booking and touring questions, please contact Tina Diab of the 7 Fingers (tina@7doigts.com


Air France, Sponsor

The 7 Fingers are thrilled to announce a sponsorship partnership with Air France. The major airline will help support the collective’s activities in the 2016-2017 year.

Air France is the main French airline specializing in air transportation of both passengers and cargo. The company is a subsidiary of the Air France–KLM Group and a founding member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance, making it one of the largest carriers worldwide.

The partnership with the 7 Fingers will enable Air France to increase its visibility and reputation in the Canadian market, particularly in Toronto and Vancouver. Indeed, Air France is closely associated with Cuisine & Confessions, which will be playing at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto from November 1 to December 3, 2016, and soon after at the Vancouver Playhouse from January 24 to 29, 2017.

. Cuisine & Confessions will also make its rounds to other towns in British Columbia, playing at the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre January 21 and at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo January 31 to February 1, 2017.

Thank you Air France for placing your trust in the 7 Fingers!


CUISINE & CONFESSIONS – Best Reviews Pulls

“7 Fingers founded in 2002 with the mission of bringing circus to a human scale, combining circus acts with emotion and intimacy to win over the audience is a tenet of the new circus movement that started in the counter-counteral departure from the stunt for stunt’s sake philosophy of traditional three ring circuses.”
– The New York Times (USA)

“THE JOY OF COOKING. A remarkably familial, interactive ensemble piece. The audience leaves the theatre nibbling the banana bread, happily sniffing the smells of baking as they go, wanting to share Cuisine & Confessions with friends.”
– Montreal Gazette (Canada)

 “A MARVELOUS FEAST. These IMPOSSIBLY LITHE AND ELASTIC PERFORMERS turn themselves into human projectiles, hurtling about and above the Cutler Majestic stage as if oblivious to any limits for the human body. There are times when your eye doesn’t know where to look, there’s so much happening onstage, such A CAPTIVATING BLUR OF ENTWINED OR SOMERSAULTING OR JACKNIFING BODIES. In one moment you’re looking at a vertical tableau in which one performer balances, single-handed, on the single hand of another. In the next, you’re seeing two performers hurl themselves through stacked rectangles. Then an aerialist employs silks and proceeds to create airborne visual poetry. Factoring heavily into the show’s appeal are THE EBULLIENT PERSONALITIES OF THE PERFORMERS.”
– The Boston Globe (USA)

 ” A banquet for the senses for these impossibly lithe and elastic performers who turn themselves into human projectiles, hurtling above the stage, all while sustaining a burst of creative energy that recalls.
– The Boston Globe (USA)

” Nothing that happens at Fenway Park, TD Garden, or Gillette Stadium comes anywhere close to the level of athleticism, teamwork, and split-second timing on display in this show. Impossibly lithe and elastic performers turn themselves into human projectiles … as if oblivious to any limits on what is physically possible for the human body. Among the troupe’s most spellbinding productions yet.”
– The Boston Globe (USA)

 “SHEER MAGICAL PHYSICALITY. Superhuman. Celebratory and playful. Not just a circus act, but a consummate work of theater, too. A show sure to delight cooking enthusiasts, acrobatics fans or anyone with an inner child willing to be dazzled.”
– WBUR/The Artery (USA)

My only regret is that I do not have six stars to give.”
– Boston EVENTS Insider (USA)

– Boston EVENTS insider (USA)

– South Shore Critic (USA)

“A thrilling, modern brand of circus.”
– Time Out New York (USA)

” How many acrobats does it take to bake a cake? 7 Doigts is eager to find out in Cuisine and Confessions, a show that invites us into the kitchen for an evening of cooking, storytelling, and breathtaking acrobatics. So sit back, and feed your eyes and mouth – and make sure you don’t try any of this at home.”
– Time Out Paris (France)

“The troupe features everything from a trapeze artist, to a Chinese pole acrobat, a juggler, and gymnasts rollicking around in flour.”
– Time Out Paris (France)

“An infallible circus-dance-theatre-rock recipe that brings us right back to our hearts while warming our stomachs !”
– Le Monde (France)

“There is something evanescent, temporary, and fragile about food.  You make it, it goes, and what remains are memories.”
– Jacques Pepin, world-renowned chef

“A winning recipe”
La Presse (Canada) 

“A pure feast!
This playful and participatory show is a piece of pure creativity.”
– Le Journal de Montreal (Canada)

“A gem of a show.”
– Mon(theatre) (Canada)

“Finger-licking good.”
– Mon(theatre) (Canada)

We’ve totally fallen for Cuisine & Confessions
– Metro (France)

 “Mind-blowing routines, an incredible show.”
– NRJ (Canada)

“A delicious evening in every sense of the word.”
– Huffington Post (Canada)

“A perfect blend with just the right dose of ingredients, like in the very best recipes.”
– Huffington Post (Canada)


Daily Paper INFORMATION : Acrobats in Paradise (translation from Danish)

By Anne Middelboe Christensen

Republique’s new show is heavenly contemporary circus, full of beauty and horror

Set Designer and Director Martin Tulinius is a visual artist with an eye for the grotesque. Which makes his and Republique’s decision to delve into the medieval painter Hieronymus Bosch in collaboration with the anarchistic contemporary circus company, Les 7 Doigts, an almost obvious one. Republique’s new show, Bosch Dreams, is most certainly a wondrous journey into a strange medieval world with naked bodies paying both Paradise and Hell a visit and with equal amounts of curiosity.

Hieronymus Bosch died 500 years ago. The Canadian director Samuel Tétrealt and the Canadian video artist Ange Potier have, in collaboration with Martin Tulinius and the dramatist Simon Boberg, created this impressive, wildly visual show of highest international standards in celebration of the artist.

The story concerns an art historian who literally leads us into his boundless fascination of Bosch, or rather his obsession with Bosch, because this university lecturer is no longer able to distinguish between the real world and Bosch’s world. He slides into the powerful images containing naked bodies that readily allow themselves to be gulped up by gigantic eggs and erotic, imaginary creatures.

Dalí as voyeur

On his journey through the images, the professor-like character comes across a half-naked acrobatic girl, who can do handstands and slits into all sorts of risqué positions – in the middle of a flower. Because the earthly paradise comes alive right in front of the audience, in the shape of Ange Potier’s crazy dream-like video design, where everything changes, as you watch.

Suddenly, the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí appears amidst Bosch’s landscapes, staring fascinatedly at the beautiful acrobatic girl. Soon he is joined by Jim Morrison, who together with his band The Doors produced the song “Ship of Fools”, which is inspired by a Bosch painting.

Death on Judgment Day

“What is good – and what is evil?” Those are the questions posed quite open-mindedly in the show’s wise and offbeat discussion on medieval ideas about Paradise. Not least reflected by the dying Bosch, lying in his bed and obviously dreaming himself into the Garden of Eden.

Yet it is the images of Hell that are the most powerful. When the entire stage becomes an inferno and the fearless artists crawl up burning houses to save each other, Judgment Day looms everywhere, framed by a soaring choreography that constantly strives to leave gravity behind.

Visually speaking, Bosch Dreams is heavenly. There is beauty and never-ending idyll – combined with elegant muscles, effortlessly performing the most brilliant acrobatics. There are heaven-bound angels, but also self-revolving, horror-filled monsters.

“Light my fire”, sings Jim Morrison. Yes please. Bosch Dreams lights up our imagination.