LAB 3 – Extreme acrobatics and stage costumes

Lab7 The 7 Fingers May 27, 2022

Avril 2022

This third lab is an opportunity to push the limits of our Optitrack system, with the capture of extreme trampoline-wall movements. We are also exploring another technical challenge: motion capture in live performance conditions, notably using stage costumes. 

Drop the Act, on their way to the Metaverse 

The trampoline collective Drop the Act, with Didier Stowe, Thomas Chambers, Carl Rom Colthoff and Julien Roberge, captured their trampoline and trampo-wall routines at Lab7. Other artists (dance, acrobatics, handstand) also joined them in this project. 

Extremely fast and complex movements performed alone or with others, in a very tall capture volume including a huge wall: these are the challenges we were able to meet with an adapted Optitrack installation. The artists were able to test their art form and immortalize their techniques, which our digital artist enhances with unique visual representations.  

The technological exploration continues in the next month with the integration of these movements in existing 3D worlds, while respecting the industry standards. 

LiViCi: motion capture for live shows 

The 7 Fingers and the ShoCap studio are collaborating on the LiViCi project – Live and Virtual Circus – a series of innovative shows, which are experienced simultaneously by different audiences in theaters and the online audience who can navigate the 3D universe of the show or watch it online. 

In preparation for the first show in the series, Carry Me Home, which will take place on June 4th, Lab 7 has tested motion capture with stage costumes. Customized sensors were integrated into costumes designed specifically for motion capture. 


The Optitrack system was used for motion capture, after customizing our setup to handle a large volume as well as obstruction from the trampo-wall. For LiViCi the costumes included modified sensors. 

The MoCap data was interpreted with Notch to create artistic visual effects and with Unreal for 3D environments integration. 


Drop the act acknowledges the support of the Canada Council of Arts. 


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