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Livici The 7 Fingers May 10, 2022

1. What is a hybrid performance?
A hybrid performance is presented in a physical venue and online at the same time. LiViCi is for live and virtual circus, and in the case of The LiViCi Concert Series, the shows combine music, acrobatics and theatre in a live presentation on stage with human performers, and simultaneously, the human performers drive the animation of digital performers through real-time motion capture. Carry Me Home is the first hybrid show in The LiViCi Concert Series.

2. What is the international livestream format of a LiViCi show?
The video livestream is one of the online formats for a hybrid LiViCi show. More than a video streaming of the on-stage show at the physical theatre, a LiViCi video livestream artistically combines real-time visual effects and animation with live action footage. It is available to attendees anywhere around the globe with the recommended computer/device and internet access. See our teaser.

3. What is the interactive 3D format of a LiViCi show? The interactive 3D format is the web-based 3D experience of the show where you select an avatar, explore the 3D virtual space of the show and then watch the live concert as real-time animation and visual effects from different points of views. For example, you have the option to switch to “firefly” mode to view the show. Check out the interactive features before the show date. This is also referred to as the “3D in-game” show option.

4. How is virtual production used in the in-person show at the Animatrik Film Design studio?
Carry Me Home is staged at Animatrik’s headquarters in the Greater Vancouver region. Animatrik is North America’s largest independent motion capture stage with over 10 years of world-class expertise in virtual production for feature films and AAA games. We have transformed the 10,000 sq ft facility with an LED wall into a high-tech theatre for two shows on June 4 2022! This is a rare and amazing opportunity to see music + contemporary circus and real-time filmmaking in action – in a LiViCi performance.

5. What is the 4-Audience model?
The 4-Audience Model refers to the LiViCi project’s goal to perform a show experienced simultaneously be the four audience streams: in-person at a physical venue; 2D video livestream; interactive 3D and immersive with supported VR headsets. For Carry Me Home, the ticket options are for in-person, livestream and interactive 3D.

6. Is it possible to watch the Carry Me Home concert with VR headsets? This option is not available for the Carry Me Home show on June 4. If you have a VR headset and interested in being part of a small test group, please email

7. Do I need any special equipment to watch a LiViCi show?
No special equipment is needed – only internet access. The best way to watch a LiViCi show is to use an up-to-date web browser on a computer with a strong internet connection. Recommended browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Check out the Maestro platform viewer support info, including best practices for viewing, under General Information at Maestro Viewers.

8. How do I access the live video or interactive 3D stream on the day of the show?
You will access the online streams via the Maestro platform. You need to log into your Maestro account and should see that welcome page with a countdown to the show time. It is advisable to test out your system by logging in prior to the date of the show. Please contact Maestro support for any login issues by submitting a request to the Maestro Help Center via Maestro Viewers.

9. How do I purchase tickets for the in-person show?
Tickets for the in-person show are available from EventBrite. Note: there are limited number of in-person tickets so we advise purchase early to ensure you have the number of tickets you want. The in-person venue is at the HQ of Animatrik Film Design in Greater Vancouver region at 4088 1st Avenue, Burnaby, B.C. Canada. See location on map here.

10. How do I purchase tickets for the 2D video livestream? Or for the interactive 3D stream?
You can purchase tickets for the livestream and interactive 3D options on the Maestro site. There are separate options for each of the two shows at 1:00pm and 6:00pm PDT June 4 2022. You need to first create an account – each livestream or 3D ticket needs its own account.

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