Quebec has opened its embassy in the Metavers!

Lab7 The 7 Fingers November 30, 2021

By Alexandre Teodoresco, Dec. 2021

Following in the footsteps of other innovators such as the City of Seoul or recently Barbados, who have established a permanent presence in the Metaverse, Quebec has just opened its “embassy” in the virtual world.
In fact, it is a multiple presence in several rapidly growing Metaverse platforms. The Prime Minister himself made sure to negotiate with the platforms of Facebook (Horizons), Epic Games (Fortnite), Minecraft, Roblox, Decentraland and the Sandbox to start with, in order to ensure Quebec’s position as a techno-creative innovator. The Premier tells us he’s looking forward to showing us his avatar.

Initially, Quebec’s permanent presence in the Metaverse will allow us to promote our industries, our creators, our tourist destinations to billions of players around the world, but the government intends to go much further than a simple showcase for the promotion of Quebec.

Indeed, it is a real digital twin of Quebec, its cities, villages, public and private institutions that can be built in the Metaverse. The citizens of Quebec will be able to interact with the employees and representatives of the multiple institutions of Quebec directly in this virtual environment. In this giant real-time simulation, there will be no need to argue about what the  REM will look like. We will all be able to see what it could look like. Can’t make it to an exhibition? No problem, they are also live in the Quebec Metavers. Want to scout for a real estate project or a photoshoot? You want to see a show of the 7 Fingers with your friends? All this is possible in our Metavers.

Moreover, the government has invested to build the basis of the experience but to allow free reins to creators to enrich the virtual Quebec with their own experiences and destinations. The Quebec Metaverse is open source, decentralized and free for all. Investissement Québec has launched a $200M seed fund to encourage the first Quebec creators to populate the Quebec Metavers. Minister Fitzgibbon is confident that with the wealth creation this fund will generate, the return on investment will be there.

For those who read this post to the end, you realize that this is a bit of foresight on my part. We’re not there yet, but it wouldn’t be that hard to get there. The talent is there, our industry is already moving in that direction. If politicians decide to really support their creators in the Metaverse, we can establish Quebec as the reference for this new industry valued at several trillion $$.

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