TRACES « Circus like it’s the end of the world. »

The 7 Fingers Traces May 12, 2020

Our 2nd creation, the show that holds a very special place in the history of the Fingers and in our hearts.

Traces conceptually took place in a make shift bunker. The stage became a safe space where a small group of friends could exist and create while being sheltered from an unknown impending disaster.

The opening choreography of the show was called Car Crash. The cast threw themselves into the performance like it was the last moments of their lives. Being tossed and tumbled seemingly out of control, the performers used their eyes to reach out to the audience for something to hold on to.

Over 40 artists have performed in Traces during more than a decade of touring. They are now spread across the globe, each one in their own personal bunker, finding safe spaces to keep creating and keep moving. Many of them came together to help us make this video to reach out and remind us all that no matter how isolated we are, we are together and together we can make beautiful things happen.

And please wash your hands before leaving your Traces.

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