Meet The Passengers

Passagers September 11, 2019

Each artist have a fun fact to tell

Freyja is 29 years old. She has eaten approximately 31,000 meals in her life. She has 10 legs, 10 arms, 2 hearts, 3 birds, 27 circles and one fork on her body. The number of limbs and hearts changes at times, depending on how many people are currently standing on her.


Did you know that Conor changed his name when he got married? He and Freyja took a brand new name, as they wanted to share a name but didn’t want to buy into the patriarchal system (or reverse the problem). Conor’s given first name is also Michael, but he’s been called Conor most of his life.


When Brin was little, the only way his parents could get him to eat vegetables was by boiling his carrots in Vermont maple syrup.


Did you know Louis is pretty much obsessed with Harry Potter? He has read the complete series of books a total of 5 times in 2 different languages and has watched all the movies in less than 36hours at least 3 times. He watches the movies so much, he now stopped counting how many times he has seen them. He even owns 3 cloaks and 2 collection wands. Can you guess which house he belongs to at Hogwarts?


For a few months when I was 17, I lied to my parents. I dropped the dance program at CEGEP, so I could be on a circus show that performed daily. So I was leaving the house at the same time every morning, but I had to hang out at the bus terminus for a few hours until my show call. They figured it out when my mom accidentally opened my report card from school.


Sereno expects to have a long career in circus; when he retires he hopes to open a taco stand in Mexico.


Sabine’s mother was a duo trapeze artist; the act was called the ‘Duo Sabine’. Her mother performed the act until she was 4 months pregnant with Sabine — that’s how she got her name!


Did you know that before Sam joined the circus, he was a full-time plumber?

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