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Entrevue The Studios The Studios August 20, 2019

From July 9 to 19, as the city of Montreal pulsated with the rhythm of the Montréal Complétement Cirque festival, The 7 Fingers offered a series of workshops and master classes in our Studios on Saint Laurent Boulevard. Led by artists from the show Passagers, the events welcomed many people into our space.

Curious beginners and seasoned performers came together under our roof, reinforcing the closely-knit ties of the circus community. Under the watch of our teaching artists, participants discovered new disciplines and perfected their techniques in hand-to-hand, tissu, acrobatic dance, Chinese pole, contortion, group acrobatics, banquine and hand-balancing.

These types of workshops support peer learning and nourish a collective creativity, as the artists involved swap skills and share their approaches. Through such workshops, we aim to contribute to the development of circus arts in Quebec, to offer artists an environment conducive to creativity, and to open our doors to the community.

We caught up with Freyja and Conor Wild in two interviews. Accomplished performers who are active on the contemporary scene, the two artists consider these activities as a way of giving back to the circus community. As they transfer their expertise, they also transfer their vision of the world and life, in an exchange that goes far beyond technique. Driven by a desire to open and share their artistic worlds, Conor and Freyja offer rich encounters, inviting participants to be part of The 7 Fingers family.

In addition to the opportunity to build skills, the workshops allow amateurs and circus enthusiasts alike to connect with artists offstage. For the participants, this is a way to step out of the role of spectator and relate in a new way to the artistic ecosystem.

 By opening all the doors to our Studios, we aim to expand our community and to offer a supportive environment that welcomes trial and error, experimentation, the risk of mistakes and discovery. This idea of acceptance and openness is at the root of a vibrant and radiant circus community.

Conor Wild interview
Freyja Wild interview

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