Fun facts about Réversible

Réversible October 6, 2016

1 – The inspiration for the final scene of the show came during a trip of Gypsy’s to her family’s farm in Massachusetts. She was hanging laundry on a clothesline. There wasn’t anyone for miles around her.


  •  Natasha started performing professionally when she was nine.
  • 6 of the 8 performers graduated ENC, 5 of which got their diploma’s 1 month before creation began.


  • To create the characters for Reversible, The artists researched their family history for almost a year. Prior to this research, many among them weren’t aware of the dark pasts of some of their ancestors.
  • Hugo hadn’t ever hung a piece of laundry on a clothesline before this creation.
  • Two of our performers play a married couple on stage and they are married in real life.
  • The aerial scene symbolises determination, resilience, and sisterhood. It tells the story of two women who, at a specific moment during their lives, decided to take a leap to live the way they wanted to live.  The choice first caused them incredible loneliness, but proved emancipating and liberating as they opened up to the world and took part in a global movement.
  • All four of the beautiful and talented woman in the show created comedy routines based on their grand mother’s true life stories.
  • Jérémi is the most agile of all on stage and the clumsiest of all offstage.
  • Three doors were destroyed during the show creation.
  • Vincent studied to be a baker.
  • Julien has performed in several other 7 Fingers shows: Traces, PSY, Amuse, and Queen of the Night.
  • The carrousel in the final scene is a time machine for Natasha. Every room that she visits represents a specific era inspired by the lives of her ancestors. Through the juggling balls, she is able to delve into different memories.
  • All the clowning/physical comedy scenes are played by the 4 females in the cast.
  • There is an act that combines juggling fans and cracking whips with dialog from Ionesco’s Bald Soprano play which originally premiered in 1950.
  • The completely original soundtrack of Reversible features over 15 of Montreals finest musicians and singers.

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