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Fibonacci Projet Fibonacci March 13, 2012

THE FIBONACCI PROJECT is an initiative of international collaboration driven by the belief that through artistic expression humans can build bridges between cultures and promote a greater sense of solidarity. The objective of the project is the creation of a multidisciplinary show based on collaborations between artists from different cultures with the idea of celebrating human kind’s greatest powers: Creativity & Consciousness!

The project’s name refers to the famous Fibonacci sequence discovered by Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci in the early 13th Century.

{0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21…}

This universal sequence omnipresent in nature, art and architecture and which leads to the Golden Ratio (also called Divine Proportion) is the underlying inspiration of the whole project. It represents the way life organizes itself naturally to create growth and harmony out of opposing energies. It contains the idea that we, as humans, are included in the universal harmony of forms, and that the union of complementary opposites may be a way to extend that harmony to psychological and social realms as well.

The Fibonacci Project is realized through a series of creation residencies in different countries around the world. Each of these residencies aim towards the creation of a renewed and unique show based on a “creation game” with 3 fundamental rules:

Rule 1:
There are two creative teams: the “touring team”, composed of the artists and collaborators of Les 7 Doigts de la Main travelling with the project and the “hosting team”, composed of the local artists and collaborators involved in a specific residency. Rather than competing against each other, both teams are collaborating together to create the best show possible!

Rule 2:
Each residency is like a creative marathon where the artists are allowed only 21 days for the creation of the show before the beginning of public performances.

Rule 3:
The creation of the show is based on a recurring structure of eight tableaux, one for each of the first eight numbers of the Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21). Each of these tableaux represent the canvas where the artists are invited to create their collective artwork inspired by predetermined themes associated with each of the first eight Fibonacci numbers.

This unique “creation game” allows to bring together some of the best artists in the world in a collaboration process based on the encounter between different art forms (circus, theater, dance, music, video and visual art) and above all, on intercultural dialogue. This process represents in itself the core and spirit of the show. Some elements are permanent to the show while others are created in collaboration with local artists in each of the hosting countries. In this way, from one residency to the next, one country to another, the show is never the same and always it is the result of the encounter between the touring artists and their local hosts. Throughout the show, as the participating artists bring forward their talents, personality and personal stories, we follow a progression through eight great themes laid as a metaphor for the evolution of our consciousness:

{ 0 } Unconsciousness, Emptiness
{ 1 } Individuality, Self-awareness
{ 2 } Duality, the Other
{ 3 } Family, Society, Organization
{ 5 } The World, Cultural Diversity
{ 8 } The Universe
{ 13 } Time, Death
{ 21 } Maturity, Wisdom

These themes represent an invitation to question our individual and collective journey and to contemplate, beyond cultural diversity, the common denominators of humanity.

The show is always addressed towards the local audience and takes into account the socio-cultural context of the place where it is being presented. A direct relation with the audience is established using various forms of interaction. More than a show, the Fibonacci Project aims to create an event that is a complete and surprising experience for the audience, from beginning to end, by changing the usual relation they have with the performing space, the performers and the performance.

An initiative of Les 7 doigts de la Main, the Fibonacci Project is directed by Samuel Tétreault, co-founder and co-artistic director of the Montreal based circus collective. The development of the project is based on a long-term plan that spans from 2007 to 2017. The first phase of the project aims to complete a cycle of creation residencies in twelve different countries, allowing artists who represent a sample of the world’s cultural diversity to collaborate together. Following the completion of this cycle, the final phase of the Fibonacci Project is the realization of an ultimate creation residency in Montreal (Québec, Canada). Planned for 2015, this last residency will integrate at least one artist chosen from each of the countries previously visited into a fully bloomed show to be entitled “The Fibonacci Suite”. This large-scale production, featuring some of the best artists in the world, will trace back the whole journey of the Fibonacci Project in a live celebration of human creativity and diversity. The partnerships developed along the way will serve as a launching ramp for a world tour of this show marking the conclusion of the Fibonacci Project.

Furthermore, beyond the presentation of this final tour, the Fibonacci Project also finds its accomplishment by the development of a documentary television series about the creative and intercultural journey of the artists involved in the project.


• MEXICO CITY – 1st residency of the Fibonacci Project
(February 2007 – Local partners: Cirko De Mente, Centro Nacional de las Artes)

• IGLOOLIK (Nunavut, Canada) – “Arctic / Mexico / Québec Trilogy” (part 1/3)
(June 2008 – Main partners: Artcirq, Cirko De Mente, Igloolik Community, Alianait Festival)
MONTRÉAL – “Arctic / Mexico / Québec Trilogy” (part 2/3) (July 2008 – Main partners: Artcirq, Cirko De Mente, TOHU)

• VERACRUZ & MEXICO CITY – “Arctic / Mexico / Québec Trilogy” (part 3/3)
(February 2009 – Main partners: Artcirq, Cirko De Mente, Centro Veracruzano de la Artes, Teatro de la Ciudad)
COPENHAGEN – Scandinavian Edition version 2009 (Nov/Dec 2009 – Local partner: Republique Teater)

• BARCELONA – Catalunya & Spain Edition
(November 2010 – Local partners: Mercat de les Flors, La Central del Circ)

• COPENHAGEN – Scandinavian Edition version 2011
(May/June 2011 – Local partner: Republique Teater)

• 2 residencies to be confirmed (Buenos Aires – South American Edition, Boston – USA Edition)

• 3 residencies to be confirmed (France/Belgium, Russia, Australia/New-Zealand)

• 3 residencies to be confirmed (Middle-East/India, Asia/China, Africa)

• Final residency in Montréal and creation of the final show
• World Tour of “THE FIBONACCI SUITE” from mid 2015 to 2017

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