Pictures and video by Ben Hopper

News Psy The 7 Fingers September 2, 2011

This film was shot over a period of 2 days by Ben Hoper during a Juggling Convention back in April this year.
It has some of the world’s current best jugglers who came to perform at the convention and was edited by Ori Roth who’s a juggler himself and known for his ‘Happy Oree Friends’ juggling videos on YouTube.

Performers in this video:
Bram Dobbelaere
Jordaan De Cuyper
Sander De Cuyper
Eric Longequel
Stefan Sing
Florent Lestage
Matt Hall
Nino Mertens
Gab Bondewel

When Psy came by London in 2010, Ben also took great pictures of the team in the city

See the images
1 batch

2 batch

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