Toast to freedom with Amnesty International

Custom-made Projects News The 7 Fingers May 28, 2011

As part of its 50th anniversary, Amnesty International pays tribute to defenders of human rights: those who risk their lives, who support Amnesty, who participate in campaigns, and who are increasing the ranks of people in favor of liberty and justice.

On May 28, the 7 Fingers will support Amnesty’s cause at the SCENA in Montreal, for the hosting of a Toast to Freedom.

In Lisbon, in 1960, two young Portuguese students were arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison for simply raising their glasses in a toast to freedom. Indignant, Peter Benenson, a London lawyer, issued a call for mobilization on May 28, 1961, in the Observer newspaper.

Thousands of people responded to this call, thus giving birth to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL.

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